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Can a Salesforce user checkin within Salesforce and checkout on the mobile and vice-versa?

Last Updated: May 28, 2018 04:51AM PDT
Yes, we can check in dftly Time Tracker within Salesforce. To login Time Tracker within Salesforce, dftly User must be linked with Salesforce user ID.

Note: Linking of Salesforce User with dftly Time Tracker user is possible only when dftly User has a Salesforce ID.

Follow the steps below for linking Salesforce User to dftly Time Tracker User.
  • Login Salesforce as an Administrator
  • Go to dftly Time Tracker Users Tab
  • Search for the ID from dftly Time Tracker Users list
  • Click on the ID for which you need to link Salesforce User
  • From User Edit page search for Salesforce User field (if you don't find the "Salesforce User" file please add this from page layouts and add the field)
  • Click on pencil mark and from search icon search for Salesforce User
  • Select the Salesforce User name for this particular dftly Time Tracker User and Save the page
  • Now Salesforce User is linked with Time Tracker User and is able to Check-in and Check-out dftly Time Tracker within Salesforce using Checkin/Checkout button from Time Tracker tab.
Note: As of now dftly Time Tracker user will not be able to checkout from their mobile when they have checked in from Salesforce. We are still working on this process and will be implemented in another 15 days. So as of now, users who Check in on Salesforce should check out from Salesforce ID only.


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