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I registered my contact details on a V4S Sites page. But I am not able to sign up for Shifts on V4S Kiosk. The message says "information was not found"!

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 10:39PM PST
When you register yourself using the V4S Sites page, your Contact details are created in Salesforce. To use V4S Kiosk, a V4S Mobile User record must also be created for you. When you register on the sites pages, the V4S Mobile User record has not been created for you. That's the reason you are not able to signup for Jobs/Shifts in V4S Kiosk or V4S Personal.

Hers's how you can solve this issue:
  • V4S Kiosk has an option to Register a New Volunteer. Key inĀ  at least your first and last names, Email ID and phone number there and click on Submit. V4S Mobile checks existing Contacts in Salesforce with the Email-ID and Phone number. If found, a new V4S Mobile user record is created, linking to the existing Contact record. If there is no match, then a new Contact record is created and linked to a new V4S Mobile User record.
  • Ask your Salesforce Administrator to write a workflow in Salesforce such that a new V4S Mobile User is created whenever a new Contact is registered from the V4S Sites pages.

Once a V4S Mobile User record is created in Salesforce, you will be able to sign up for Jobs / Shifts using V4S Kiosk or V4S Personal.

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