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What are the different Statuses that I can set for Volunteer Hours?

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2019 05:19AM PDT
There are generally 3 types of Volunteer Status on the Volunteer Hours record in Volunteers for Salesforce. They are Web Sign Up, Confirmed and Completed.
  • Web Sign Up: When a Volunteer signs up for any Job/Shift (on V4S Kiosk or V4S Sites pages) the Volunteer Hours Status is set to  "Web Sign Up"
  • Confirmed: If you assign a Volunteer to a Job/Shift from within Volunteers for Salesforce, you can set the Volunteer Hours Status to Confirmed. If your volunteers use V4S Personal to sign up for Shifts, then the Volunteer Hours Status is set to Confirmed.
  • Completed: Your V4S / V4S Mobile systems administrator can manually change the Volunteer Hours Status record for any volunteer to Completed. By default, V4S Mobile runs a Scheduler every night that changes the Volunteer Hours Status to Completed for all Volunteer Hours records that have associated Check in/out records. 
To see if the Scheduler has been activated for your org, please click here.

To set up the Scheduler to run for your org, please click here

The Status can be changed to "Completed" using Scheduler which can be activated using the below instructions
Details to Set/Activate Scheduler
  • You should be logged in as Salesforce admin
  • Go to Setup
  • Click on Develop
  • Click on Apex Classes
  • Click on Schedule Apex Button
  • In Schedule Apex page enter any Job Name
  • Apex Class should be set as "v4sUpdateShift"
  • Set Frequency as per your requirement
  • Save it.
Note: Select the above mentioned Apex Class from the search button
Now the Scheduler is set, and it will run every time as per the time set in "Preferred Start Time"

Details on Status changes
  • The Scheduler will search for Shifts which has only Check in Time and not Check out time
  • Mark the above said Shifts by updating Shift End time as Check out time
  • Change the Status fro "Web Sign up" to "Completed"
  • There will not be any changes made on Check out time for Shifts which has been Checked out manually by Volunteers, the Scheduler will change only the Status for these Shifts
  • The Scheduler will also, updated the Status for Jobs which has Check in and Check out Time
  • The Scheduler will not make any changes in Check out time or on Status for Jobs which has just "Check in Time" and not "Check out Time", This is because the Scheduler will not have Job End Time.

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