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There is a field called Clock in Multiple users on the dftly Time Tracker User page. What does this field do?

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2018 05:02AM PST
The Clock in Multiple Users field decides who the specified dftly Time Tracker User can Clock in. This field decides what the Time Tracker Team User sees on the "Everyone" page on the mobile app. This field has 3 options: None, Team and All.
  1. None: Select this option for people who are members of a specific team. They will not be able to Clock anyone's time in dftly Time Tracker Team. They will only be members of a team. If you have selected the "None" option when setting up the dftly Time Tracker User, that User will only see their name in the list of Users in the Everyone page on the mobile app.
  2. Team: If you select Team as the option for a User, then that User will be able to see the names of all the people on his/her Team on the Everyone page. If your team structure rarely changes OR if you prefer to make team changes within Salesforce, then set this field to Team for Team Leads. 
  3. All: If you select "All" for a Time Tracker user, then that User will be able to see all the dftly Time Tracker Users in the list of people on the Everyone page. 
The Clock in Multiple Users field controls two different functions:
  1. Some organizations use the Clock In/Out function in a Kiosk mode to allow their employees to Clock themselves in and out at the beginning and end of the day. If you are using Time Tracker Team in this mode, then you should set up a dftly Time Tracker User for whom you set the Clock in Multiple Users field to All. Make sure that this is the user who is logged in on the Kiosk device. This User can then Clock all employees In and Out. This User could be a front-desk person or a Security person in your organization. This person is normally not assigned as a Team Lead to any team and therefore will not have any of the normal Team Lead functions in Time Tracker Team. S/he will have access only to the Everyone page of the app, and can ONLY clock people in and out.
  2. The Everyone page is where Team Leads can Add other employees from your org to their Team. If you want to give Team Leads the flexibility to Add Team Members within the Time Tracker Team mobile app, then set the Clock in Multiple Users field to All. Time Tracker Users who are not assigned to any team show up with an Add to Team button below their names. A Team Lead can Add an Unassigned team member to their team by clicking on the Add to Team button.

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