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How do I change the First, Second and Third level Objects which are shown on the Mobile Time Tracker application for Check-ins?

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019 05:40AM PDT
By default, you see Objects related to TT Projects, TT Task and TT Work types in the Mobile Time Tracker application for Check-ins.

These objects can be changed to any other Objects available in your Salesforce Org. To change the objects please use the config button, more information is given below about changing objects
  • Login into Salesforce as Administrator
  • Click on the  App Launcher
  • Click on the Time Tracker related Tabs tile
  • From the Time Tracker Tabs, click on the TT Apps Tab
  • From all view list, click on the Name of the App Key for which you would like to make the config changes (Configurations must be done on the App Key which your Time Users use to log in to the Mobile Time Tracker application)
  • Click on the Config button, you see a pop up with 4 Tabs in the configuration screen to make the changes
  • Click the Pop-up List Tab
  • Make the changes for the below-mentioned fields
  1. The Object in Salesforce that you want to track time to: By default the first combo is set to dftly Projects, using the config page you can change the object for the first Combo
  2. Select the Field that you want to display: Select the field to be displayed on the Phone for the above-selected Object
  3. Select Mandatory: The above-selected field can be made optional or mandatory for Check-In on mobile
  4. Any filter that you want to apply: Add any filters that you would like to add to the selected object, we have added the filters as not to display the inactive dftly Projects in the dropdown list in the combos on Phone, you can add filters according to your requirement
  5. Order by that you want to apply: You can add details in this field if you have selected the field "Additional fields that you want to display" in the config page,
                     e.g. we have selected Description, Project Code and Equipment needed fields and the order by is selected to Display Description, Project code and then the Equipment needed. So when you click on any Project from the Projects Tab on the phone, you see dftly Project, Project description then Project Code and Equipment needed details.

The same type of configurations can be done for the Second and Third Level Object using the config screen.


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