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Where do I see confirmed, unconfirmed or other types of Attendee details on V4S Kiosk?

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2019 11:17PM PST
Attendees Today tab show data of V4S Attendees who have signed up for Events Today.
The Attendees Today tab shows details on attendee types as below
  • Confirmed
  • Unconfirmed
  • Walk-ins
  • Check-ins
The Attendees Today Tab has 4 tabs related to Attendee Status Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Walk-in, and Check-in. And each Tab is with a different color.
By default the Attendees Today tab shows all Attendees who have signed up for today's Event. By selecting the Attendee Status (tab) in Attendees today list, it displays only Attendees related to the selected Status.

More information below to view Attendees according to Attendee Status

The Attendees today tab shows all the Attendees who have signed up for today's Event. To view, only one type of Attendee follow the procedure below
  • On the V4S Kiosk, go to Attendees Today Tab
  • The list shows all Attendees who have signed up for Today's events and with 4 tabs with different colors for each Tab "Confirmed, Un-Confirmed, Walk-ins, and Check-ins"
  • Double click on any Tab on the Attendees Today tab to view Attendees related to a particular attendee Status
    • e.g: To see all Attendees with Status Walk-In, double-click the tab Walk-Ins and the list is updated only with Attendee details with the status Walk-in (The background screen color is same as the Walk-ins Tab color) this makes easier for Kiosk User to know that the screen is showing the Walk-Ins data
  • A single click in Attendees Tab shows all Attendees list and double-click on a Tab displays list related to particular Status of Attendees.

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