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How do I add Guest to an Event in Salesforce?

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2019 04:59AM PDT
There are different types of events which Organizations conduct, and Guest (Attendees) can be added to an even following the procedure below
  1. Create a normal Volunteer Jobs in Salesforce
  2. Create Shifts(Events) for Job and the Start Date and time of Event 
  3. Add V4S attendees to the Shift
More information on adding Attendees to an Event
  • Login to Salesforce as Administrator
  • Go to Volunteer Jobs Tab
  • Click the Job created for Events
  • Go to Related Tab
  • From the Shifts list, click the Shift ID which reverts to the Shift details screen
  • Go to Related Tab of Shift
Scroll down to see V4S Attendees Tab (If V4S Attendee Sub Tab is not found please add it from page layouts)

  • Click the New button
  • Add more information to the fields which is marked in red as in the Screenshot here
    • Contact: Attendee must b available as Salesforce Contact, if not available as Contact please add them
    • # of Guests: add details as how many Guest are accompanying with the attendee
    • Payment Details: Detailed information about payment is made by Cash, Cheque etc.,
    • On-spot Donation: If any donation made by the Attendee
    • Seated at Table: You can select the seating details if there are different Tables for Donors, Volunteers, etc.,
    • Recurring: to add information if the Attendee is a Donor (Optional)
    • Donor Level: If there is any information about the donor level
    • Status: Attendee Status if he/she is a confirmed, unconfirmed Attendee for the event
    • Guest of: Add details if the Attendee is a guest of a Contact who is available in your Organization or add new contact and add details of V4S Attendee
  • Click the Save button
Now V4S Attendee is added to an Event.


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