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Why do I see Signed up and Checked-In volunteer counts as 0 on the V4S Kiosk even after some Volunteers have checked in the Shift?

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2019 04:49AM PST
Please make sure that the Volunteer Coordinator or Volunteer Manager who logs in the V4S Kiosk application logs out of the V4S Kiosk app every day in the evening once all the volunteering Jobs are completed.

We recommend the Volunteer Manager/Volunteer Coordinator to log out of the app for security reasons because if the V4S Kiosk app is left logged anybody who is not a Volunteer can signup and Check-In for any Job or Shift on the V4S Kiosk out of curiosity. Due to this, there may be a difference in the Volunteer Hours.
  • Also, if the app is left logged in the Jobs & Shifts screens does not get refreshed when the calendar date changes and due to this the current days Jobs & Shifts are not displayed
  • Another reason is if any Volunteer has Signed up for a Job or Shift on the web pages the same is not updated in the V4S Kiosk Jobs & Shifts screen and the Signed up and Checked in counts show as 0
As the Jobs & Shifts screens are not auto-refreshed the Volunteer see the Signed up and Checked in counts as 0 on the V4S Kiosk application.

To solve this issue, please enable the "Auto-refresh data" button, click here to know more about "Auto-refresh data" button and information about enabling the Auto-refresh data button.

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