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Sample Job and Shift filters for V4S Kiosk application

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2019 03:42AM PDT
The V4S Kiosk app is set to show only today's Jobs and Shifts and the default Jobs and Shift filters are added as below

Filter for Jobs:

V4S Kiosk show the Active and the jobs which are marked as "Display on Website"

Default Job filters for V4S Kiosk application is as follows
  • GW_Volunteers__Display_on_Website__c = true and GW_Volunteers__Inactive__c = false order by Name, GW_Volunteers__Campaign__r.Name
Filter for Today's Shifts:

Filters to show only today's (current days) shifts,
  • GW_Volunteers__Volunteer_Job__r.GW_Volunteers__Display_on_Website__c = true and GW_Volunteers__Start_Date_Time__c >=  #@#st_today#-# and GW_Volunteers__Start_Date_Time__c <= #@#en_today#-# and GW_Volunteers__Volunteer_Job__r.GW_Volunteers__Inactive__c = false order by GW_Volunteers__Start_Date_Time__c asc

These are the default filters added in the org, to add additional fields to the Jobs/Shift list, please add the Salesforce API names in the filters and mark it as "true".

e.g.: to add the Jobs to be displayed on Kiosk
  • Create a Volunteer Job
  • Tick the Display on Kiosk checkbox
  • Add the Salesforce API name of the field Display on Kiosk in the filters and mark it as "true"
  • Log out of V4S Kiosk application and re-login to the application, because to reflect the configurations changes made in Salesforce on the V4S Kiosk application, the app must be logged out and re-logged in

To remove any field from the existing configuration, please remove the Salesforce API name in the V4S Mobile configuration screen and save the configuration screen.

Note: While making the changes to the Jobs/Shift filters, please make sure that the API names which are marked in Red in the filters in this article are mandatory and please do not remove it from the filters. You can only add additional fields if required.

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