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How do I add a walk-in volunteers to a Job/Shift?

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019 04:10AM PST
The upgraded V4S Kiosk application version 2.9. 177 and above version has an option to add walk-in volunteers to a Job or Shift directly from the Job/Shift details screen.

To enable/activate an option to add a new volunteer to a Job/Shift directly, you must purchase a V4S Mobile license with add volunteer button. Once the license is activated with the add new volunteer button. The volunteers see the add volunteer button in Job and Shift details screen on the top right-hand side of the device screen.

There are 2 ways of adding the new volunteer to a Job or Shift directly
  1. By clicking the add volunteer button which opens the add new volunteer pop up
  2. By searching the volunteer name to see a string as "First-time volunteer? Click here"

More information is given below for adding the new volunteer to a Job or Shift directly

Using the Add volunteer button (which is on the top right-hand side of the device screen)
  • Go to Job/Shift details screen
  • There is a green add volunteer button at the top right-hand side of the V4S Kiosk application
  • Click the add new volunteer button
  • You see + and +++ buttons (tabs) on the add volunteer pop up screen
  • Click + to add individual volunteer and click +++ button to add multiple volunteers at the same time for the same Job/Shift
  • Add walk-in volunteer details and click the signup button to sign up the volunteer to the Job/Shift directly
  • OR click the check-in button to check-in to the Job/Shift directly

Search for volunteer and add volunteer from "First-time volunteer? Click here" string

More information is given below
  • Click the Job/Shift tile on the V4S Kiosk application which is redirected to the Job/Shift details screen
  • Click the Don't see your name, below? Click here! button
  • Search for any volunteer name
  • The "First-time volunteer? Click here" string, appears, click it
  • There is a pop up to add volunteer information
  • Add volunteer details and click the signup or check-in button to signup or check-in to the Job/Shift
Please note:
  • Only the first time volunteer for whom the contact details do not exist in Salesforce in your org must be added as a new volunteer by using any of the options mentioned in this article.
  • Volunteers who have already volunteered in your org can be searched from the search volunteer screen and signed up and checked-in for the Job or Shift.

Important information:
  • When the Volunteer or the Volunteer coordinator is adding the new volunteer to a Job/Shift, using the add volunteer pop up, please make sure that you save the contact information immediately.
  • We suggest you save the contact details immediately after entering the contact information because if you leave the device screen without saving the contact information, the device screen might be locked and might be lost when you unlock the device screen
  • It consumes more time if you are adding multiple volunteers and if the data is lost, you must re-enter the whole contact information again
    • e.g. If you are entering multiple new volunteers to a Job/shift, and if you have all the volunteer information for 3 or 5 volunteers, enter those details and save the contact information. Once you get contact details of other volunteers you can add them again using the add volunteer pop.

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