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How do I enable the Auto breaks for TT user in my Salesforce org?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2020 12:00AM PST
You must be logged in to Salesforce as an administrator to enable the Auto breaks for TT Users in your org, 

Follow the procedure below for enabling the auto breaks in your org

  • Log in to Salesforce as administrator
  • Go to TT Apps tab
  • Search for the App Key which TT Users use to login to the MTT application and click the name of that App Key
  • Click the Config button
  • Go to Auto Breaks tab in the config screen
  • Click the "Apply auto breaks" checkbox
  • Add "Break qualifier break Clause" filters
  • Set the Check-In Type
  1. Work: The Check-In type is set as Work if the TT user check-in to Job within Salesforce or from web pages
  2. Clock: The Clock-In button is shown for the TT users who is set as "Allow Personal Check-In, in Team Mode" in the TT User screen. The TT User has option to Clock-In and then Check-In to the Job
  3. Job: The TT user who Check-In to Jobs using the device
  4. Travel: Travel is used in some organizations for recording the travel time from office to the work location 
  5. Load/Unload: load/unload option can be enabled in the org for tracking time and the break time can be enabled for loading and unloading also (if required).
  • Add the Start and End time for the breaks
  • Select "Auto break start time" in the Start field name
  • Select "Auto break end time" in the End field name (this is to show the auto break start time and end time in the TT details screen)
  • Select "Auto break-in minutes" for the field "break-in minutes field name
  • Select "Hours worked excluding Auto break" for the break-in minutes field name
  • Click the save button to save and to enable the auto breaks

Now the TT application automatically deducts the break time from the Hours worked by the TT user and shows the hours after break time in the field "Hours worked excluding Auto breaks" on the TT Details screen.

If you want to enable break time for another Check-In type or second break time, please click the "New Break" button at the Config Auto breaks screen and follow the same process as you did in the first auto breaks and save it.

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