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How do I decide what User type to be selected while creating the TT Users in the org?

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2019 12:31AM PST
There are 4 types of TT Users as below
  • Individual Login
  • Personal Login
  • Team Login
  • Kiosk Login
More information is given below on the type of Users and their functionalities, please refer the TT User types and create a TT User ID in your org as per your requirement

Individual User: Individual user is created for TT Users who directly Check-In and Check-Out for Jobs to record their time

e.g. Consultant type of Jobs, where the User works only for one or two Projects assigned to them and records only the actual time they work on each Project. Individual User does not have Clock In/Out option 

For creating Individual TT User type, the Salesforce Admin should check the CheckBox "Allow Individual use, not Team use" while creating TT Users in Salesforce.
Click here to know more about creating Individual Mode User

Personal User in Team Mode: Personal Time Tracker User is the one, who has the option to Clock In/Out and Check-In/Out only for him/herself.
e.g. Personal User has the option to Clock In once he/she arrived at the office and Check-In for Job when he/she actually starts Job then Check Out once he/she finishes the Job. He/She then Clocks Out for the day after finishing the work and leaves home.
Click here to know more about creating Personal Login for Users.

Team User: When the User is a Team Lead then Time Tracker User Id is set to Clock-In multiple Users to "Team". Team User is able to view all his/her Team member's names listed when he/she logs in their Time Tracker ID.
Team Lead has the option to Clock In/Out and Check-In/Out for themselves and for their Team Members. 
More details are given here on creating Time Tracker Team Lead ID

Kiosk User: Time Tracker Kiosk user is the one who logs in Time Tracker application on a single device using their ID and is able to Clock in and Clock Out for all other Time Tracker Users in their Org. Kiosk User cannot Check-In/Out for other Users.
Kiosk User will see Usernames and Clock In for Users only if the User is added as Time Tracker User
Click here to know more about creating Kiosk User.

Please create Users as per your companies requirement.

Note: If you select both " Allow Individual use, not Team use" and "Allow Personal Check-in in Team Mode" then by default the Mobile Time Tracker User is set to Personal Check-in in Team Mode, so the Mobile Time User will have option only to Check-In/Out and do not see the Clock-in/Out options.

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